How it works.

Total Direct Care was built around robust solutions that serve the unique needs of each patient. We also offer industry-leading employee wellness programs while helping insurance providers improve the services they offer. Convenient, high-quality, compassionate care – it’s now closer than ever.

What makes us different.


Whether you are an individual, an employer,or a payer, we have plans that fit your needs.

24/7 medical

Around the clock access to world-class health care assistance online, over the phone, and in-person.


We streamlined our operations to offer you affordable, effective healthcare options, from lab work to imaging.


Patient care comes first, with best-in-class care and immediate attention.

Our personalized care offering.

Our knowledgeable care team will provide management of high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid and kidney dysfunction, and more. We will also refer you to a quality specialty practice dedicated to meet your needs when needed or at your request.
We provide routine yearly examinations. Our providers offer complete, integrated care to our patients, addressing all aspects of your health. Any of your questions or concerns will be addressed with compassion at each visit, without the all too common feeling of being rushed out the door.
The staff here at TDC are prepared to assist you when you experience an unforeseen injury or illness. Our experienced skillful providers will diagnose and treat cough, fever, flu like symptoms, COVID 19, gastrointestinal issues, rashes and skin conditions, UTI’s, joint pains, ear infections, sprains, minor fractures, lacerations, and more.
TDC believes in helping patients achieve the best version of themselves possible. At your request, this will include integrated care with nutrition, exercise, and mental health well-being in mind. We offer referrals (or recommendations) to dietitians, exercise programs, and therapists to meet your specific needs.
Our dedicated team offers Telehealth appointments when you need them at your convenience. No more waiting in the emergency room for hours for non-urgent conditions, we are available during your most inconvenient health care interruptions to help you move on with your day.

Choose your coverage.

Total Direct Care has a plan for everyone
that can be customized to create the
perfect package for you or your loved ones.

Total 360 Care

With our patient-centered approach,
we aim to enhance the patient-doctor
relationship. You may have unlimited trips
to your primary care under our Total 360
plan, while experiencing Zero co pays.


The Total Direct Care app allows you
to contact live providers with no out-of-
pocket expenses 24 hours a day, seven
days a week.

Get the Total Direct Care
advantage today.

Total Direct Care is a more affordable, accessible, and
a patient-centered way of providing healthcare.