A patient centric approach.

Total 360, can get you the care you need under one roof. Our Total 360 is our subscription plan that consists of primary care, urgent care, specialty care and an assortment of inhouse imaging, labs, EKGs and more.


Our company’s motto is…

“Patient First and Patient Experience, get the care you need when you need it, resulting in healthier and happier patients.”

How our coverage benefits you.

Total 360 does not replace insurance, but it is a less expensive alternative for better health care.
You’ll get unlimited access to customized healthcare at Total Direct Care, where you will
receive remote monthly checkups from your primary care doctor as well as unlimited
in-office visits with no co-pay.


TDC is committed to making sure that our patients stay healthy, with remote monthly health and wellness check-ins


Whether coming in for a primary care or an urgent care visit.


We place the patient first, making certain that all possible efforts are made to ensure that your medical requirements are met as soon as possible.


We operate on extended hours so you won’t miss work due to a doctors’ appointment.

Take your coverage
to the next level.

Get the coverage you deserve at a an affordable
price with a Total 360 Care Plan.