on the go.

With our Telehealth platform, you can get the care that your body needs when on-the go! Log in and tell us what’s going on and if needed you will be connected to a live provider within minutes. As long as you are in the United States you can connect to our platform.

How it works.

Consider the scenario of waking up one morning for work and iscovering a rash on your
leg. Some individuals would brush off the irritation and continue going to work, while
others would call out sick in order to contact their primary care physician. That’s where
we come in. You may log into the app, answer a few questions, and attach a
photograph of your rash. When a live provider views the photographs, they’ll be able
to give you the correct edication to buy on your way to work. You can get
the medical treatment you require without having to miss work by using telehealth.

Unlimited uses

You can confirm even the mildest symptoms because our platform
allows unlimited uses at no additional cost.

Zero co-pays

No hidden fees or co-pays for all your telehealth and chat visits.

Everyday care

Medical issues don’t take a day off and neither does our telehealth platform.
It is ready to go 24/7 365 days a year.

Convenience everytime

Accessible from anywhere in the United States if you have signal.
TDC is always there for you.

Take your coverage
to the next level.

Get the coverage you deserve at a an affordable
price with Telehealth services.